Case Study: Carpeting & Flooring

Carpet Mart Digital Advertising Case Study

Carpet Mart

Industry: Carpeting & Flooring
Challenge: Remain competitive while also growing new customers.
Product Solution: Integrated Marketing campaign, including Facebook ads, Pay Per Click advertising, demand side platform digital display and print inserts.

"We immediately started seeing results from the CJ as well as following a more developed marketing strategy. The CJ coordinated with our web designers and our manufacturers to collaborate on our marketing efforts.

Carpet Mart Digital Advertising Case Study

Our business has increased over 20% the last two years. We have enjoyed many record months and I attribute much of that success to our marketing plan through the CJ. In the past, we would pick and choose specific times to advertise. Now we are consistent year-round helping grow our brand image.

The most important aspect of this has been the team at the Courier Journal."

Bruce Jones, Carpet Mart

CJ Media Case Study | Carpeting/Flooring: Carpet Mart from CJ Media
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