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With so many marketing channels available to local businesses, it can often be difficult to decide which to invest in. You want your marketing budget to stretch as far as possible, and traditional marketing channels like newspaper ads, billboards, television commercials and radio spots are an excellent way to bring in local customers. But are they enough?

Often marketers who rely exclusively on offline channels are hesitant to invest in online and digital marketing, which isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Let’s be honest: digital is overwhelming, because it is always changing.

However, local digital marketing and traditional marketing don’t have to be at odds with one another. In fact, online tactics like SEO, social media and mobile help improve the success of offline investments by expanding your reach and attracting new leads.

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Local Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing are the Perfect Pair

Stay With ThemUsing digital and traditional marketing tactics together is the easiest way to diversify your marketing strategies and ensure adequate coverage across your target segment. While traditional or offline marketing helps you gain a broader reach and can make a splash, digital marketing tactics aim to zero in on consumers in a more personal and targeted way that engages them. If you are only using offline marketing, then you are missing out on the opportunity to develop relationships with your customers and build brand advocates.

With a diverse marketing strategy that includes both traditional and online tactics, you can also maximize gains while minimizing losses. Digital is in and of itself an effective channel, but it can highlight efficiencies in your offline media if you connect the two. For example, using different landing pages or tracking search volume along with your media schedule can reveal insights about your target audience and how they are responding. This combination is the best way to achieve long-term growth and ensure that you are using every tool at your disposal to drive traffic to your business and influence conversions.

Online Marketing and Offline Channels Work Together

Simply recognizing the benefit of utilizing offline and online channels isn’t enough: you want them to work together, in a complimentary and strategic way. This is where the art and science of marketing come together, and it’s also where it can get tricky (but don’t fret! we can help!). To get started, here are just a few examples of how both approaches can be effective when used together:

  • Get the word out with traditional offline methods, and use digital methods to make the experience more personal. Newspaper and television ads are great for getting the attention of a large audience, but by the nature of these mass media, they are not very personal. It may sound simple enough, but it’s easy to forget: use these offline marketing materials to direct customers to your website and social media channels where you can engage them better and offer deeper, more personal content.
  • Utilize the channel that most appeals to your audience. If you have multiple target audiences, it is important to differentiate your marketing strategy. Choose offline or online tactics depending on where your audience frequents most. No one channel is a “one-size-fits-all” (except maybe for SEO and PPC, but even then you need to be strategic!). The key is to understand your audience.
  • Both online and offline marketing help to generate brand awareness. Offline marketing helps you gain visibility in a broad market, which can be a great way to introduce individuals to your brand. Digital marketing tactics like SEO and mobile targeting help introduce your brand to customers right at their moment of need.

Though many marketers talk about local digital marketing and traditional marketing as two entirely different things, the truth is that they are both trying to accomplish the same thing:  increase visibility in the local marketplace and bring more traffic to your business. When used together, online and offline marketing tactics can help you accomplish your goals faster and more effectively. We are experts at developing integrated marketing strategies, grounded in insights and data from thousands of local campaigns, and we’re here to help you navigate.

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