Branded Content

Branded Content

A Seamless Approach

Branded content gets your business in front of audiences in their most receptive moments. Your message, which may take the form of an article, a video, or an interactive piece, is presented in the style and context of surrounding content, making it more relevant and less intrusive. By partnering with us, your brand benefits from the credibility of our news organization.

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  • Leverages a quality, engaged audience.
  • Presents your message in the stream of content.
  • Inspires, informs and entertains your audience.
  • Provides a value and a service.
  • Builds brand affinity.
  • Compels viewers to react and share, organically expanding the scope of your brand message.

Courier-Journal Media expertise includes:

  • Creating compelling content.
  • Ensuring your content reaches the right people.
  • Daily performance tracking and optimization of campaigns.
  • Custom analytics to measure usage trends.
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