Ad Network

Ad Network

Extending Your Reach

With 95% of online user’s time being spent on platforms other than Search Engines, it is important to display your brand elsewhere. With our Demand Side Platform Ad Network we can reach hyper-targeted audiences on highly desired sites all across the web, helping to build your brand and promote your niche services or products.

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  • Reach a large audience across thousands of sites.
  • High visibility placements.
  • Provides a visual and interactive message.
  • Impacts consumers considering brand options.
  • Reaches consumers where they spent the most time.
  • Provides reinforcement of market-wide advertising.
  • Increases website and in-store traffic.
  • Hyper focused targeting options.

Courier-Journal Media expertise includes:

  • Creation of engaging digital creative using leading technologies.
  • Inclusion of landing pages and other premium solutions.
  • Strategically targeted program designed to reach engaged consumers.
  • Daily performance tracking and optimization of campaigns.
  • Custom analytics to measure the usage trends of your sites.
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