Why Print Advertising is Alive and Well in Louisville: Audience

Audience strategy shows the print Courier-Journal is still a powerful marketing tool in Louisville, Ky. Posted on Friday, July 17 in Reaching The Right Audience.

“The newspaper is dead.”

“Nobody reads the newspaper anymore.”

“Newspaper? What’s that people still read those?”

I’ve been crunching research data in the advertising industry for almost eight years now and I’ve been hearing quotes just like those above since my very first day on the job. And it is easy to understand why.

Newspapers have experienced declining circulation and readership. The digital world has kicked print out of the driver’s seat and relegated it to the backseat.

But does this mean newspaper print advertising is now irrelevant?

Absolutely not!

In my first 6 months here at CJ Media, my previous conceptions of newspaper advertising have been rattled. It is still an extremely powerful advertising tool that delivers results to advertisers.

Digital advertising is a must-have component in today’s marketing world and we have a top notch digital team, but depending on your business’ goals, there are several unique factors that make print advertising within the Courier-Journal a smart choice for telling your brand’s story as well.

Newspaper1. Louisville Still Reads the Newspaper.

Out of all the newspapers in the United States, The Courier-Journal is ranked 9th highest based on the percentage of adults they reach in their respective market. That’s an audience of 600,000+ adults within Kentuckiana. (2014 Nielsen Scarborough Report R2. Newspaper Penetration Report by DMA)

Compared to other newspapers in the region, The Courier-Journal has extremely strong reach for its print product.

Our city still loves to read the paper and it is a vital part of the community.

2. Less Audience Fragmentation

In an increasingly complex advertising environment where audiences are being split apart into various branches, the newspaper audience is less fragmented. Unlike TV, there aren’t hundreds of channels to choose from, and your message isn’t gone in 30 seconds like a TV commercial.

Each day’s paper is a self-contained product with a beginning and an end.

One advertisement in the Sunday Courier-Journal has the power to deliver 485,000 impressions to adults in Kentuckiana. (Scarborough. Louisville DMA. R1 2015)

Audience fragmentation can be a powerful targeting tool, but if you need to reach a broad audience within the market, the paper is a very powerful and efficient delivery system.

3. Quality of Audience

The Courier-Journal’s print subscribers are a powerful audience with lots of influence and buying power in the market.

They are community leaders, trendsetters, and families. They are well-informed, community minded individuals who are dedicated to shopping locally. And they are actively looking to buy the products and services you offer.

Courier-Journal subscribers are more likely to fall within the wealthy, upscale and upper-middle household income segments of homes compared to the overall Kentuckiana market.

In addition to having a high income, Courier-Journal readers are also more likely to be planning to buy furniture, major appliances, TVs, electronics, houses and vehicles in the next year.

Fellow marketing guru Tommy Spalding just wrote a powerful blog post about how impactful Courier-Journal’s print advertising can be to local car dealerships.

Nobody can say that the newspaper advertising industry is what it used to be 20+ years ago.

I would be foolish to make that claim, but what I can say is that print advertising is far from dead.

When you combine the powerful factors of top industry market reach with a less fragmented, high-quality invested audience, Louisville’s Courier-Journal print readers are a large group of consumers worth telling your business’ story to.

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