Marketing You: Creative Brief

Download our creative brief template to develop compelling, on-brand marketing messages. Posted on Thursday, August 3 in Making Your Marketing Work.

Communicating through Creative

Telling your story and developing a balanced approach to messaging are critical starting points for communicating with your customers and prospects. But to deliver a message that resonates, you need powerful creative that is designed attract attention, build brand loyalty, and inspire action.

Why a Creative Brief?

Whether you’re using an internal team or an external partner, building strategic, effective creative is difficult. You may think the best approach is to give your creative partners unbridled freedom to “be creative.” But without clear direction, your team will likely disappoint you.

If you don’t communicate your business needs or your marketing strategy, creative minds will fill in the gap with whatever they want to focus on. Creative briefs help designers, writers, and art directors transform your business values and the benefits of your products and services into compelling marketing messages.

Download the Template

Our Marketing You – Creative Brief will help you work with your creative resources to ensure your marketing makes an impression.


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