Marketing Should Focus on Making the Customer’s Life Easier

Do I want my laundry detergent to be hilarious, or to remove spaghetti stains? Posted on Thursday, April 19 in Making Your Marketing Work.

Marketing strategy often looks at identifying how you make your customers’ lives easier, because it’s a really key piece to your brand marketing message.

Why? Because your customers choose you for the value you offer to them, and the impact you make on their lives.

It’s easy to be drawn by the lure of flashy ads and coming up with link bait content along the lines of “You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next…”

However, when you go into a consumer mindset, do we really choose what laundry detergent to buy based on who has the most entertaining creative or content?

I know, you’re skeptical. You know how much people talk about funny commercials, etc. But, think about it again from the standpoint of a consumer.

Make My Life Easier, Please

Do you want your laundry detergent to be hilarious, or to remove spaghetti stains? If a consumer has to remember to empty their son’s pockets every time they do the laundry, it’s likely they are going for stain fighting power and efficiency. Parents of small children never know if they’re going to find rocks, legos or something worse.

As a marketer, we admire the design and copywriting skills showcased in an ad. As a consumer, we are more likely to think about product attributes like cleaning power, scent and stain fighting power.

We all want things that will make our life easier. Your marketing message should reflect that.

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