High Impact Digital Ads Are a Marketing Must

To make an impact, your marketing must break through the digital clutter. Posted on Thursday, April 12 in Breaking Through the Clutter.

High Impact Digital Ads Are a Marketing MustBreaking through incessant clutter is no small feat. There simply isn’t one channel for attracting consumer attention. Instead, eyeballs travel from one device, site, and app to another on a seemingly endless loop. In the modern marketplace, you’re not only competing with other businesses, you’re also battling the constant distracted state of consumers in the digital age.

The key to cutting through the noise? Make an impact! High impact ads pair engaging formats with platform innovation to keep audiences focused on your compelling ad content.

Get Noticed

You can’t break through if you’re not standing out. When done right, digital advertising can do more than capture attention, it can drive conversion. In fact, one study showed that 90% of revenue comes from the most noticeable 25% of ads. [1] To get noticed, your ads need to be in the right format to reach the right audience on the right platform at the right time.

Interact with our animated infographic to learn more.

Provide a Seamless Experience

High impact ad formats become a part of the user experience by employing site, sound, and interactive elements. Rather than intruding, they launch seamlessly, building brand awareness while giving viewers control over the content. In addition to dazzling the eye, high impact ads also boast higher completion rates. Ad units like Gravity offer a cinematic experience that often compels users to watch them in their entirety, achieving an 83% in-view rate and a 60% interaction rate. [2]

Engage Audiences

Our high impact ad units not only run on our trusted news platforms, they were built to capture audience attention when they’re most engaged. And when these ad units use video and other rich media, they draw consumers further into the experience. In addition to Gravity, we offer:

  • Transitional: Grab consumer attention as they click and scroll through the latest stories.
  • Interactive Takeover: Your message takes over the screen, avoiding clutter and competing messages
  • Pushdown: Put your message on top by expanding downward to take center stage.
  • Hero Flip: Reveal your message as it flips open on their screens, encouraging interaction.

Reap the Benefits

Real-time analytics and targeting ensures the right people are seeing your ads at the right time. One of the greatest advantages of high impact advertising is that it permits you to do more with your ads. You have more options when it comes to developing creative elements and messaging that truly makes an impact while communicating your message.

These engaging, interactive formats do more than sit on the page—they leap off the screen to:

  • Increase Brand Recognition: Consumers are more likely to remember and recognize a brand that offers high-quality ad content.
  • Drive Higher Response Rates: Consumers are more likely to respond to ads that are engaging and interactive.
  • Take Consumers Beyond the Click:  High impact advertising is more likely to drive consumers to take further action after clicking on the ad.

Make an Impact

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight? Our team of digital marketing experts knows just what it takes to create captivating high impact ads that increase engagement and encourage conversions. Contact us today.

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2. “USA TODAY NETWORK adds 360 video to Gravity ad unit; launches with Club Med;” USA TODAY; 08/01/2016

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