4 Tips for a Strong Employment Brand

Your customers may love you, but do they want to work for you? Posted on Friday, February 17 in Breaking Through the Clutter.

Four Tips for a Strong Employment Brand When businesses cultivate a good reputation around their products and services, customers respond with their loyalty—and of course, their dollars. In the marketing and advertising world, brand is king, and U.S. businesses collectively spend billions per year to ensure their product brands are recognized and valued by their customers.

But what about the brand your business presents to potential job candidates? Is it as strong as your consumer brand?

Your Consumer Brand isn’t Your Employment Brand

When hiring employees, brand matters. According to a study by CareerBuilder, 91% of job seekers say a company’s reputation as an employer strongly determines whether or not they apply to a job with that company.

No matter what you’ve poured into creating your consumer brand, there’s no guarantee that investment will translate into a positive employment brand. In a recent survey by the marketing firm CoreBrand, U.S. business leaders named the companies with the most favorable consumer brands. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hershey, and Bayer topped the list.

In a separate survey, Recruitology asked Millennials about what companies had the best employment brand. Their answers: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. Only two companies—IBM and Apple—made the top 20 on both lists. Your company’s employment brand requires a unique game plan because you may be targeting job seekers who might not be consumers of your products.

1. Teamwork Is Key

To build a successful employment brand, a company’s HR and marketing departments need to pair up. Let’s be honest, HR professionals aren’t always nuanced in marketing tactics, and while successful marketers are skilled at communicating the value of products, they may not be equipped to sell a company as a place to work. By teaming together, HR and marketing can collaborate on messaging and methods to promote a company’s employment brand.

2. Start from Within

Before you can promote your brand, you need to know where you stand with your current staff. If your current workforce is dissatisfied, your employment brand will be a tough sell to job seekers. As a first step, use employee surveys to gauge your employees’ opinions of their job, their team, and the company’s leadership. You will uncover areas to improve, but you’ll also discover positives that you can leverage when communicating your worth as a quality employer to potential job candidates.

3. Get Social

Word of mouth can do wonders for brand strength, and in today’s world, that means tapping into social media. Communicate your recruitment message on Facebook by making a separate page from your consumer-focused one. This will allow you to connect with a wide audience of potential future employees by creating a space that focuses on your work culture—not just your products. According to Time magazine, 84% of today’s active job seekers have Facebook profiles, so that’s a great place to start.

For content on your page, use employee testimonials and videos about what it’s like to work for your company. A Facebook recruitment community will enable you to build a pipeline of future hiring prospects and establish a great communication tool that will impress job candidates.

4. Shout It from the Rooftops

Once you have determined the strongest features of your employment brand, get active in sharing that message everywhere. When posting job openings, spend less space on laundry lists of job requirements and instead share why your company is an ideal place to work. Make your careers page on your company website reflect the best of what you have to offer as an employer—and make sure it is optimized for mobile. And if they are available in your area, take advantage of unique ways to shine the spotlight on your work environment by participating in Top Workplace programs. These programs use employee surveys to showcase companies in an area that support the best culture. Being named to one of these lists can serve as a powerful recruitment tool to attract employees who want to work for the best.

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