Expand Email Marketing with Match-Back Reporting

Go beyond open and click-through rates. Posted on Wednesday, September 20 in Reaching The Right Audience.

Email Marketing: Determining ROI Through Match-Back Reporting

Match-Back Reporting: Go Beyond Open & Click-Through Rates

Knowing how many people opened your email and clicked through the links is valuable information.  But, it’s even more valuable when you can pair that data with a list of people who actually purchased from you. The Match-Back Report compares the database of contacts included in a recent targeted email campaign to an advertiser’s submitted contact database in order to identify customers who made purchases, became a lead, etc. after receiving a campaign’s email(s). 

Targeted Email & Matchback ReportingExample of How It Works

An auto dealer completed two targeted email campaigns with us within a 60-day period. The auto dealer provided us with a database of their customers who bought a car within the 60-day period from campaign transmission, plus 30 days after the last transmission.

We compared the auto dealer’s customer database to the database that the targeted email campaigns were sent to and communicated how many customers were matched in both databases.

Click below for an infographic to further explain the Match-Back Reporting process. 

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