Digital Marketing Minute Week of August 14

Trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, August 14 in Article.


Learn best practices for mobile search and in-store sales

Digital Marketing Depot | Search Engine Land

Today’s consumers research products on the go, using their smartphones to find and choose at which nearby business to make a purchase or eat a meal. Most visit the store they select on the same day.

Yet most marketers can’t – or don’t – optimize their digital presence or measure the impact of their digital campaigns on in-store sales.

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Why Brands Like L’Oréal and Acura Are Betting Big on Augmented Reality

Lauren Johnson | AdWeek

Two weeks ago, Acura set up a racetrack in El Toro, Calif., around a former Marine base and asked four influencers to drive a car as quickly and safely as possible down the course. The catch?

All of the drivers were wearing augmented reality-equipped helmets that overlaid HD graphics on top of the real world to make it look like they were driving through a jungle and snowstorm, making it difficult to stay on course. Meanwhile, footage from the race was livestreamed across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Research shows why the power of context counts in advertising

Jessie Sampson | INMA

In print, we know that newspapers are a largely solus medium with 60% of readers not consuming any other media at the same time. Additionally, Lumen eye-tracking research conducted over Black Friday and Christmas shows 75% of readers look at each print ad, on average.

Crucially, this ability to reach engaged consumers with relevant advertising also extends online to newsbrands’ digital offerings. Lumen’s eye-tracking research, conducted this summer, shows ad viewing is 80% more likely, and ads get noticed in around half the time on news brands’ sites when compared to non-news brand sites.

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