Digital Marketing Minute Week of Aug 28

Trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, August 28 in Article.


15 Practical Email Marketing Tips for E-Commerce

Pawan Kumar | Marketing Profs

Are you helping to run an e-commerce business? Looking for ways to use email marketing to boost your conversion rates?

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5 Mobile Apps Changing Shopping Forever

Anna Attkisson | Business News Daily

When winning is the name of the game for your brand and your users. Social media is a key method for encouraging brand engagement, and in an increasingly dense online world, innovative and inventive means are required to generate that engagement. Without further ado, here are 15 valuable tips on running a successful social media contest to ensure it is engaging, effective, and organized.

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5 Marketing Fails You Can Avoid Using Social Media on the Go


Getting stuck in a creative rut can be extremely frustrating for anyone.  Whether you’re a logical, detail-oriented “left brainer,” or an intuitive, artistic “right brainer,” there are times when we all struggle to come up with creative solutions to problems, or to bring innovative new ideas to the table. 

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