2016 Online Advertising Benchmarks Report

Aggregated Metrics from Top Industry Sources Posted on Thursday, May 5 in Making Your Marketing Work.

Online Advertising Benchmarks

How many times have you searched this out? Online Advertising Benchmarks, Digital Benchmarks, Social Media Benchmarks, Display Advertising Benchmarks, Email Marketing Benchmarks and Digital Marketing Benchmarks. Don’t you wish there was a one stop shop for digital benchmarks and metrics?

You will find in this post many of the digital advertising benchmarks marketers look for all the time, aggregated into one document. These benchmarks are sourced from reputable sites like Google Display Benchmarks Tool, eMarketer, MailChimp and others.  

The 2016 Advertising Benchmarks Report is broken down into the follow areas:

Desktop Display

Mobile Display

In-Stream Video

Social Advertising (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Email Marketing

Paid Search

Below are some of the most notable benchmarks from the report, followed by the full report to flip through.

Facebook Ad Benchmark Metrics

Paid Search Benchmark Metrics

Email Marketing Benchmark Metrics

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